Sunday, April 19, 2009

Acai Berry Weight Loss Formula

Acai berry is a small, grape sized berry found in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. It's a very nutritious food - in fact dr. Perricone named it nature's perfect food and the number one superfood in the world. It contains vitamins and minerals, omega fats (healthy fats) is rich in fiber and is a very strong antioxidant. Because of its nutrition there are many acai based products for weight loss and general health improvement. But what is acai berry weight loss formula? How does it help you lose weight? Continue to read to find out..

There are several ways in which acai helps you lose weight, some will have a direct result in weight loss, others will give an indirect improvement. For example many products contain appetite suppressants that will make you feel less hungry. This results in both a direct and indirect weight loss - because you feel less hungry you are likely to eat less which would likely result in you losing some weight, this is a direct effect. The indirect effect is that because you don't want to eat as much as normally, you would have an easier time switching to a good diet, the temptation to cheat on your diet with a nice juicy burger wouldn't be as high as normally.

As you can see acai berry weight loss formula is fairly complex, as it combines many different benefits that help you lose weight into one powerful combination. The improvement in weight lost can be tremendous, for example acai burn improves weight loss by as much as 450%. Quite amazing.

And for a limited time you can get a free trial of acai burn so that you can experience all the acai berry benefits for yourself.

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Thank you for sharing this wonderful information about acai berry with us. Truly an eye opener.Didn't know such a tiny fruit can do this much.

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